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Canton Fair--The Largest Trade Show In China

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Hong Kong Downtown - Guangzhou City
Express Coach

Hong Kong Downtown -- Guangzhou city

   Boarding Point Departure Time   
HK Island Boarding Point
Metropark Hotel
06:50A 08:20B 09:50A 10:50A 11:50A 12:50B 13:50A 14:50A
15:50A 16:50A 17:20A 17:50A 18:50A      
Wanchai CTS Branch
07:05A 08:35B 10:05A 11:05A 12:05A 13:05B 14:05A 15:05A
16:05A 17:05A 17:45A 18:05A 1905A      
Sheung Wan CTS House
07:15A 08:45B 10:15A 11:15A 12:15A 13:15B 14:15A 15:15A
16:15A 17:15A 17:45A 18:15A 19:15A      
Kowloon Boarding Points
Prince Edward CTS Branch
07:45A 08:45B 09:45A 10:45A 11:45A 12:45B 13:45A 14:45B
15:45A 16:45A 17:45A 18:15A 18:45A 19:45A 21:00A 22:00A
Hunghom HK Coliseum
07:30A 08:25A 09:25A 10:30A 11:25A 12:25B 13:25A 14:25B
15:25A 16:25A 17:25A 17:55A 18:25A      
Mongkok CTS Branch
08:35B 09:35A 11:35A 12:35B 13:35A 14:35B 15:35A 16:35A
17:35A 18:05A 18:35A 19:35A 20:50A 21:50A    
Kwun Tong Mut Wah Street
07:25A 10:25A 12:25B 14:25B 16:25A 17:25A    
New Territories Boarding Points
Boarding Point Departure Time Boarding Point Departure Time
Tuen Mun Park Lane Plaza 08:20A Tsuen Wan Jockey Club
Tak Wah Park
08:25C 20:05 A
Tuen Mun Yan Ching Street 08:05A Yau Ma Tai Ptt Street 07:50C
Tin Shui Wai Tin Yin Estates 08:35A Sham Shui Po Fock Wah Street 08:05C
Yuen Long Sai Ching Street 08:25C 08:50 A Tuen Mun Butterfly Estates 07:45C

Stop :
A : Jinan University, Hua Wei Da Hotel (Tian He),
China Hotel, Hotel Landmark Canton
B : Jinan University, Hua Wei Da Hotel (Tian He),
China Hotel, White Swan Hotel
C :
China Hotel, Hotel Landmark Canton, Ai Qun Hotel
Red Departure Time Available Soon ; Blue Departure Time Transit at Prince Edward

Guangzhou City -- Hong Kong Downtown
   Boarding Point Departure Time   
China Hotel
05:30D 06:30B 07:00A 07:30A 08:00B 08:30A 09:00B 09:30A
10:00B 11:00B 11:30A 12:00B 12:30A 13:00B 13:30A 14:00B
14:30A 15:00B 16:00B 15:30A 16:30A 17:00B 17:30A 18:00B
18:30A 19:00B 19:30B 20:00B        
Hotel Landmark Canton
05:15D 07:40B 08:10A 09:10A 09:40B 10:40B 11:10A 11:40B
12:40B 13:10A 14:40B 15:40B 16:10A 17:40B 18:10A 19:10B
Guangzhou Hai Tao Hotel
05:45D 08:50A 09:50A 11:50A 12:50A 14:50A 15:50A 17:20B
White Swan Hotel
06:10B 08:40B 13:40B 17:10A 19:40B      
Boarding Point Departure Time   Boarding Point Departure Time
Guangdong International Hotel 07:10A   Hua Wei Da Hotel (Tian He) 06:45B
Ai Qun Hotel 07:00A   Holiday Inn City Center 15:30C

Hong Kong Stop :
A : Sheungshui, Shatin, Prince Edward Hotel Concourse, Huanghom KCR Station
B : Prince Edward Hotel Concourse, Sheung Wan Shua Tak Center, Central Hartour, Government Building, Wan Chai Eagle Center, Causeway Bay Metro Park Hotel
C : Yuen Long, Tuen Mun, Tuen Wan, Sham Shui Po, Prince Edwart
D : Tsuen Wan MTR, Prince Edward Hotel Concourse, Wan Chai CTS Branch


Price and Schedule is Subject to Latest updates

  Routes Adult  
H.K. (Tuen Mun / Tsuen Wan) To Guangzhou HK 90
H.K. Downtown To Guangzhou HK 100
Guangzhou H.K. Downtown HK 100
Guangzhou Round Trip HK 170

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The Canton Fair Introdution and Guangzhou Hotel Bookings.


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