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Climate in Dalian

As a world renowned summer resort, Dalian is at its most attractive between April and October.

Falling within the temperate zone, it is the warmest place in Dongbei (the northeastern part of China). Unfortunately in summer, since it is a port city, it is sometimes plagued by monsoon. Generally speaking, Dalian has four distinct  seasons, with no freezing winter or sweltering summer.

The annual average temperature stays somewhere around 10 degrees C.. August is the hottest month, when the daily temperature is infrequently below 24 degrees C., with extremes as high as 35. January is the coldest month, when it averages minus 4.9 degrees C., with extremes as low as minus 24.

The annual precipitation varies greatly from one year to another, but generally between 550 to 950 millimeters fall. As a port city, about 60 to 70 per cent of the precipitation comes down in summer, mostly during rainstorm activity. In contrast, spring and summer witness relatively long spells of drought.

It is fairly windy in this city, powerful Yellow Sea draughts hit the jutting peninsular with refreshing fury. The perennial current from the ocean helps moisten the air, making it more fresh to breathe than some of China's other heavily industrial cities.

Monthly Temperature in Dalian

Month Jan Feb May Apr Mar Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Average Temperature -4.9 -3.4 2.1 9.1 18.5 19.4 23.0 24.0 20.6 13.6 5.8 -1.3

Dalian Time and Weather Report 

Dalian weather report and local time



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