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Entertainment in Dalian

For those after a bit of excitement, Dalian will not disappoint with a wealth of pubs, clubs and entertainment facilities, both modern and traditional, to suit most tastes. Pub crawlers may be a tad disappointed, since Dalian pubs and clubs are a little expensive, but this is the price that you pay for foreign brand beers and an expat workforce.

Dalian is famous for its traditional Chinese culture and there are many opportunities for the newly arrived to sample this. The city is famous for its local acrobat and modern dancing troupe, as well as the well-known "first peasant wind band of China", a somewhat comical Communist propaganda stunt, that actually play with some style.

The band received warm welcome in Japan several years ago. Many of these performances can be seen at the Kylin Stage, a theatre on Kunming street. Finally Dalian also, during big events, holds a dragon dancing competition when 150 meter long dragons zigzag through the streets.

For pubs and clubs your best bet is to head to the two main squares, the Youhao and Zhongshan, where a host of drinking and dancing establishments can be found. At Youhao square, the most popular is probably the Sun City bar, although if this is full you should have no trouble finding others. Near to Zhongshan Square, Renmin Lu is probably your next best destination, the Casablanca Cafe and Bar has good music and a good array of expensive beers, while the Greenery Beerhouse does western snacks.

For nightclubs, men will have to be careful, for they often have a door charge. JJ's in the Shenjiang Entertainment Center (Shenjiang yule zhongxin) on Wuwulu is a good choice a part of the brand that has spread all over China, from Beijing to Xi'an.

The annual International Fashion Festival is undoubtedly the biggest event of the city, during which you may see artists, singers, dancers, musicians, conductors and, of course, models from around the world.

Partly due to this event, the city has gained great momentum in the international arena in recent years and therefore reaped in huge revenues. Local businessmen, seeing this potentially huge market, have also opened many discotheques, bars and other entertainment facilities to meet the requirements of foreign travelers and businessmen.


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