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Attraction & Sightseeing In Dalian

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Brief Introduction

Attraction & Sightseeing In DalianAttached with various name-tags and reputations, ranging from " The City of Travelers", to "The City of Soccer" and "The City of Fashion", Dalian has something to offer almost all visitors, whatever the time of year.

This harbour city boasts one of the cleanest environments, with an extremely close proximity to the sea allowing for  warm winds from the pacific to blow, making Dalian refreshingly cool in summer and pleasantly warm in winter. 

Especially during the summer when the majority of China sizzles in the heat, Dalian is a haven, providing escape from the scorching sun. The city boasts several beautiful beaches too, including Golden Pebble Beach (Jinshitan), Fujiazhuang Beach and the beach at Xinghai. All the beaches here are excellent for swimming and water sports, quite a rare thing in China.

Dalian itself is a modern city, with a cosmopolitan attitude and atmosphere, embodied in the streets around Zhongshan Square that have a strong international flavor, dotted as they are, with Japanese and Russian buildings. The City Squares are particularly charming in the evenings, when locals gather to dance, sing and generally strut their stuff!

Dalian is most famous however for soccer! Many of the nation's top soccer stars and by far the best team in China today, live or were born in the city. Check out their almost palatial style houses, situated along the coast road. This enthusiasm is visible at every level  and almost all the residents, from Taxi Drivers to Hotel Managers, will wax lyrical about their team, the "Shi-da's", given half the chance!

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