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Local Features In Guilin

Karst Scenery  --  Local Minority Groups

Karst Scenery

The scenery along the Lijiang River from Guilin to Yangshuo has long been known as the best scenery in China. The area is characterized by karst limestone peaks that, eroded by the abundant rainfall of the region, take on unique and strange shapes.

Chinese tradition is to name the peaks and rocks of the region by the shapes they resemble. Animals such as dragons or horses, figures such as scholars or immortals are popular themes for peak and hill names. Along the Lijiang River you can view "Mandarin Ducks Play in the Water", "Nine Horses Mountain", and "Elephant Trunk Hill".

In Chinese, the word for "landscape" literally means "mountains and water" and Chinese people love scenery that combines the two elements together. It is no surprise therefore, that Guilin with its karst peaks and winding rivers is known as the most beautiful place in all of China.

Local Minority Groups in GuilinLocal Minority Groups

The region around Guilin is inhabited by 28 different ethnic groups including the Zhuang, Miao, Yao, and Tong, and they make up 8.5% of Guilin's population of 600,000. These groups all have colorful customs and mostly rural lifestyles. 

Northwest of Guilin are the towns of Longsheng and Sanjiang, where you can find mixtures of Dong, Zhuang, Yao, and Miao minority villages. 

These people tend to be very friendly and may offer to be your guide and possibly invite you into their home for a meal and an overnight stay (for free or for an agreed upon fee). These tours can also be arranged from Yangshuo.


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