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Attraction & Sightseeing In Hangzhou

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Brief Introduction

Hangzhou, an ancient city of culture and arts, has long attracted masses to its attractive, suburban-like center. Nowadays the city is bustling with tour groups and travelers, while it continues to proclaim its name as one of China's paradises on earth. Along with the crowds, thankfully, comes major tourism investment so that today Hangzhou is filled with well kept sights and a prosperous, friendly populace. The city is rapidly changing into a high-rise metropolis, but the sights in the southwest of the city and on the outskirts are all a million imaginary miles from this modernization.

It is a must for any would be tourists to the city to visit Hangzhou's famous West Lake, which is the symbol of the city and crammed full of interesting sights. Known throughout China as the most beautiful of lakes, the West Lake is a great place to wander, or boat, around and can easily take up a day or more of your time. Beyond simply meandering about, the best trip to be taken here is by boat to the Xiaoying Island and the Three Pools,which has its own mini lakes and islands within its confines. In the northwest corner of the lake is Solitary Island, the largest of its kind, offering you the best view of the entire lake and on which the Xiling Seal Society is the place to see Hangzhou's artists at work. Beyond these two sights there is a vast array of further things to do here, most impressive being the Huagang Fish Pool, the Mausoleum of Yue Fei and the Su Causeway.

Aside from the lake, probably the most famous attraction is the Lingyin Temple, a huge Buddhist sanctuary that takes at least half a day to see. A little out from the city center is also the Longjing Tea Plantation, the birth place producing arguably the most well-known tea in China, and a place covered in hundreds of teabushes. If you just plan to have a cup of this tea, however, you are better off heading to the Tiger Running Spring, one of the nicest parks in Hangzhou which is filled with teahouses and pavilions.

As one of East China's best tourist destinations, Hangzhou exerts a magnetic force on people, old and young, domestic or foreign. Consequently, it is strongly advised that you go there in autumn or winter, when there are fewer travelers.

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