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Climate in Hong Kong

The weather in Hong Kong is varied and extreme at times. In autumn, the region is prone to heavy rainfall and typhoons are not unusual, while in the summer, it can become unbearably hot and sticky. 

It is a good idea then, to plan your trip according to the weather and what temperatures are suitable for you! If this is not possible, Hong Kong does have some cooler areas to escape the heat in the summer including some pleasant beaches. 

In the rainy season, there are plenty of activities and things to see and do to occupy your time and provide some shelter!

The average yearly temperature here is about 22.8 degrees C. The heat here is not dry heat though, and it can get incredibly humid here at times. 

The great thing about Hong Kong however, is that almost everywhere is fitted with air conditioning. In summer, the days are long and the nights very short.

In winter, this situation is reversed but it is rarely very cold here and the average temperature stays at a pleasant 17 degrees C. Spring and autumn are of course, the best seasons to visit. 

The average temperature at this time is a warm 23 degrees C but watch out for the rains!

Hong Kong Time and Weather Report 

Hong Kong weather report and local time



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