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Jiuzhaigou Local Features

Water and Lakes

Jiuzhaigou Local Features -- Water and LakesJiuzhaigou offers some of the most spectacular scenery in all of China, and nowhere else is the water so crystal clear and clean as it is here. There are over 118 lakes in this area and numerous waterfalls, with water powering down the mountainsides.

Legend has it that long ago, the god of strength, "Dage" made a mirror from cloud and wind and presented it to his favorite goddess "Semo". When Semo accidentally broke the mirror, the broken pieces fell down into the forests below and turned into 118 transparent lakes. 

What is most unusual about the lakes and waterfalls here is the reflection of the woods and mountains in the water. The feeling of openness and space that is afforded here is arguably unrivalled throughout China. 


Jiuzhaigou Local Features -- WaterfallsThe waterfalls of Jiuzhaigou is very charming. People coming here will be attrcted by them. Here rivers run across the whole scenic area, water torrent from the valleys forming millions and thousands waterfalls. 

There are 17 groups of waterfalls, all of them are beautiful and full of power. Moreover, 6 of them are wider and longer than Huangguoshu waterfall (the most famous one of the group in China). In addition, Luorilang waterfall is more than 100 meters wide and 20 meters high. Water fall down from the tip of the waterfall splashing a lot of beautiful water flowers. 

Standing in front of it you will feel its strong power deeply. The Shuzheng waterfall is not so wide and about 30 meters high, water flying down to the valley just like two dragons waking up from their dream. Panda sea waterfall is the highest one, about 78 meters high. In Jiuzhaigou waterfalls and trees are mingled together, we call the rare scenery "forest waterfall".


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