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Luoyng Brief Introduction

Luoyang Brief IntroductionLuoyang is a small city, 25 kilometers to the south of the Yellow River, and is well known in China as "The Capital of Nine Dynasties", having been capital on and off from the Eastern Zhou (770 BC) to the later Tang Dynasty (923-936 AD). The city as you see it today is not quite what it was in the heady days of its youth and the  majority of the best sights now are those that the past has left behind. It is, however, at the moment, not overly plagued by tourists, so that the many sights here can still be enjoyed in relative peace and quiet.

The reason for Luoyang's popularity in ancient times is mostly linked to the geographical and climatic factors of Henan. Many times the imperial entourage had to move from the chosen favorite, Xi'an, due to the frequent droughts that plagued this part of China. Strategically as well, Luoyang is a very useful city, with hills on three sides making it close to impregnable. The area is also fairly central in Henan and so the city became a very favorable location to control. It was all of these factors that were the causes of the many wars that have raged in or around the Luoyang locale and nowadays frequent reports surface of the discovery of ancient weapons, unearthed in various parts of the city.

Luoyang Brief IntroductionThe history of Luoyang as a town and later as a city run much longer than that of it as a capital. Documents and cultural relics are continually being found here, allowing archaeologists the chance to slowly piece together the past and allowing the Luoyangese the comfort of swelled pride. But the interpretation of history is never the easiest thing and the ancient discoveries are always somewhat tinted by this pride. Recent evidence, discovered in the Neolithic site found in the west of the city, has dated a population here as far back a 7,000 years ago. Buddhism was apparently introduced here as early as 68 AD from Nepal. The revered Chinese scholar, Confucius, is also said to have spent some time here, perfecting his philosophical thought.  The biggest claim, however, that the people of Luoyang make is that contrary to common belief the Silk Road's true starting point was, in fact, Luoyang.

The cities glorious position began to dwindle after the last of the capitals collapsed. In recent years the city has been making a come back economically, although this comes somewhat at the cost of losing the small city charm. Concrete buildings and skyscrapers are rapidly entering the city, so that most of the sights worth visiting here are situated outside the city proper, most notably the Longmen Caves, 16km out of town.



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