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Climate in Nanjing

Nanjing is located in the subtropical climatic zone. The average temperature during the year is 15.3°C and the annual average rainfall is 1106.5mm.

The middle of June is the so-called "Mei Yu" or "wet" period so make sure you always have an umbrella with you if you travel at this time! Nanjing is known throughout China as one of the three "furnaces of the earth" (the other two being Wuhan and Chonqing). As such, the city can get unbearably hot in the summer months.

This is not helped by the fact that the city is surrounded on all sides by mountains which help to keep the heat in and stop any breeze from entering!

That said, there are many pleasant areas around the city which are a welcome respite from the baking sun and the city has an unusual amount of parks and wooded hills offering shelter to visitors and residents baking in the furnace. 

Nanjing in December is prone to snow, and although very picturesque, temperatures do fall well below freezing so come prepared!As with many other cities in the east of China, spring and autumn are the most pleasant seasons to visit, when there is blossom or greenery on the trees and the temperature allows visitors to wander the streets and surrounding hills without dripping in sweat! 

Nanjing Time and Weather Report 

Nanjing weather report and local time



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