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Nanjing Local Features

Nanjing Local FeaturesOne of the most charming aspects of Nanjing is the laid back atmosphere in the city. This relaxed feeling can be best appreciated in the area popularly known as Fuzi Miao or the Qinhuai River district.

The Qinhuai river is actually a tributary of the Yangzi river and passes through Nanjing in the area surrounding the Confucius Temple.

Since ancient times, this has been a place where merchants gathered and culture and arts thrived. In 1985, the authorities decided to "renovate" and, although this may have ruined some of the authenticity of the district, it is still a very popular and pleasant area to walk, eat, drink and shop! Today, the atmosphere here is vibrant and fun. 

It is a traditionally intellectual district, home to many learned scholars and Confucian educationalists. Jiangsu traditional opera is performed in the courtyard in front of the temple during festivals and the streets here are filled with vendors and hawkers.

This is also a popular place to take a boat trip down the river. There are some pleasant journeys available on the "Qibanzi" boat, a kind of small boat with a roomy cabin and cane chairs on the deck.

There are also various paddle boats available for hire which are cheaper than the "Qibanzi", but don't travel very far or fast due to their miniature size and the fact they require man power (or rather leg power) to steer them!! There are many tourist shops and stalls around these parts and it is worth bargaining before you buy.

There are various places of historical interest dotted about including the Confucius Temple , Egret Isle (the Chinese quarter in the 17th Century) and the Taiping History Museum.

The nicest time of day in Fuzi Miao is evening. When the sun sets over the river, the streets fill up with stalls for the night market and the restaurants and tea houses burst with people and noise.



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