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Transportation In Nanjing

Nanjing boasts a highly developed transportation system with its own international airport, railway station and numerous bus stations. The city is also strategically located on the Yangtze River and many boats operate in and out of the city's port.

By plane:

Ctrip can book, reserve and sometimes deliver flight tickets to members! Nanjing Lu Kou Airport is one of the largest airports in the nation. Nanjing airport has regular daily connections to all the major Chinese cities and there are also flights to Hong Kong. The airport is 35km from the urban area and is connected with the city by a highway (around 45 minutes). 

There are regular bus services to and from the city center which run between the Hanzhong Lu and the airport. Most five star hotels provide free transport to and from the airport. A taxi from the airport to the center of town should cost around RMB80-100. (Lu Kou Airport Tel: 6602902)

By train:

Nanjing also has excellent rail links especially to Shanghai (4 hours), Suzhou (2 hours) Hangzhou (5 1/2 hours), Anhui and Beijing. The newly renovated Railway station is located in the north of the city and the soft seat entrance is to the right of the station as you face it. Train tickets are available here, or at a ticket office near Gulou on Zhongshan Bei Lu. 

Most major hotels can can also get tickets for a small service charge. This is a good option as it is much easier than queuing up at the train station! Taxis to and from the train station to the center of town should cost about RMB20-30. There are also buses to the University area around Shanghai Lu (no.13) or Xinjeikou (No. 1A) from outside the station.

By bus:

The main long distance bus station is near the train station in the north of the city. Getting reliable information about the bus services can be problematic however. You can try asking in the major five star hotels and there is a bus ticket office at 209 Zhongshan Bei Lu. The buses themselves are generally good and a speedy bus service operates to Shanghai (3-4 hours), Suzhou (2 hours), and Hangzhou (5-6 hours). 

There is also an overnight bus to Wuhan which now takes less than 12 hours. Touts also stand outside the bus station vying for passengers to fill up their cars. These drivers are generally heading for Shanghai and this can be an efficient and fast way to get between the two cities. The drivers won't leave until there are four people in the car however. This doesn't normally take long and once the car is full the trip takes around three hours. The driver should charge you RMB100 per person.

By boat:

Nanjing has a developed river transportation system and passenger ships for the following destinations leave regularly: Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Chongqing (5 days) and Wuhan (2 days). The length of journey varies depending on the type of boat you travel on. 

This is a lovely way to travel between some of the more popular spots but can be wearing and time consuming. The port in Nanjing is on the western side of Zhongshan Bei Lu. Bus no 4, 10 and 302 and take you there. (Tel: 8805501)

City transport:

Getting about in the city itself is usually pretty easy and there are ample taxis around town and a good (though crowded) bus service.


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