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Qingdao Destination Guide


Entertainment in Qingdao

Quality entertainment in the Qingdao area is surprisingly hard to come by. Many of the top hotels have nightclubs and bars, although, as with all such places, prices are high. 

Much the best way to entertain yourself is in a long course meal of sumptuous, freshly caught fish, with a few cool Qingdao beers, followed by a stroll on the pier watching tai ji being practiced along the waterfront and the moon reflected in the sea.

There are numerous nightclubs and karaoke bars that seem to cater to the well oiled Chinese, but only a few are really worth a look in for the intrepid.

For those staying in the west, around the Friendship and Peace Hotels, there is a disco in the International Seaman's Club, just near the passenger ferry terminal, and the Friendship hotel has its own disco, although small and not particularly great.

For those seeking the finer side of life, a trip to the Brewery can be arranged through CITS (with an office in the Huiquan Dynasty Hotel on Nanhai Lu), although this can only be visited as part of a tour group.



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