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About Qingdao

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Qingdao Destination Guide


Qingdao Local Features

Oriental Switzerland

Sitting against mountains and facing the vast ocean, Qingdao is a beautiful seaside city noted for its attractive architectural styles and beautiful natural scenery, both of which, coupled with its mild climate, make the city well known as a summer resort.

In August, the hottest month of summer, the average temperature is just 25.1 degree C. 

Qingdao, as a tourist city, boasts relics of New Neolithic Age, Tianheng Island, Lang Ya Terrace and caves in Zhu Mountain. 

The steep peaks and grotesque stones in Laoshan, with the seaside scenery in urban area, constitute numerous scenic spots.

There are mysterious grottos such as Naloyan Grotto and Baiyun Grotto, and beautiful streams such as Taiyi, Shenshui, and Jinye. 

Quite a number of ancient celebrities left their footprints everywhere in Qingdao and wrote many poems to appreciate the picturesque scenery.

As a former colony of Germany during W.W.II, you can feel a strong alien atmosphere, particularly in view of the hundreds of villas in the city.



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