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Attraction & Sightseeing In Qingdao

Brief Introduction  --  Sightseeing Index

Brief Introduction

Attraction & Sightseeing In QingdaoOne of the first reasons for a visit to this part of Shandong would be for the numerous and impressive beaches that run along the coast. In total Qingdao has 6 beaches, of various size, cleanliness and attraction, including what is claimed to be the largest bathing beach in Asia, the Number One Beach. 

The beaches are good for China, fairly clean (without a close inspection of the water) and not overly full, except in peak season and during National holidays.

For those of a more active disposition just a short bus ride from Qingdao lies Laoshan, since ancient times  known as "Home of the Immortals". Bordering the sea, this mountain is famed for its peak spires, piled ridges, amazing rocks and deep gullies. The mountain is also a favorite Taoist sanctuary and a proliferation of Taoist inscriptions and temples are scattered about. The Taiqing Palace, a Song Dynasty monastery,   is perhaps the oldest and most impressive of these sights.

With trees making pleasant shadows, and flowers in bloom, Ba Da Guan (The Eight Passes Area) is one of the best places to view ¡°the red tiles, green trees, blue mountains and waters¡± that are popularly quoted in Qingdao. This area is a gathering place of many different types of architecture, with styles from Russia, England, France, Germany, America, Japan and Denmark. The streets here are all named after famous passes in China, with each one lined with a different flower.

The Sakura are a specialty of Zhongshan Park. It is said that, outside of Japan, Qingdao is the best place to see the luxuriantly blossoming Sakura, the best time to visit being April. This is the largest of the Qingdao parks and well worth a days visit.

Of the numerous other scenic spots, the Small Qingdao Island and the Pier (Jianqiao Bridge), the symbol of Qingdao, are definitely worth a visit. There are also numerous other parks and two old, somewhat renovated churches. A couple of mediocre museums could interest enthusiasts.

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