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Cuisines in Sanya

Cuisines in SanyaSurrounded by the South China Sea's abundant seafood resources, Sanya boasts some great restaurants serving up good fresh seafood. Added to this, there are two huge fisheries here, the Beibuwan Fishery and the South China Sea Fishery. 

Abalone, sea cucumber and other exotic foods are common dishes served in restaurants here, and a visit to the port area in the city center is testament to the incredible wealth and freshness of the food here. 

If you do wander down this direction however, make sure you take your Wellington boots and a clothes peg to hold your nose! The stench from the boats and fishing nets can be unbearable! Above and beyond the more unusual seafood available here are standard fishy dishes including lobster, mussels and crab.

There are numerous seafood restaurants in Sanya and the Chinese restaurant in the Gloria Resort in Yalong Bay is especially good. The Luhuitou Restaurant and Fuquan Restaurant are among the most famous in the area serving up some nice local specialties. In the city itself, Zhenmen Rd has some great little seafood joints, cooking up cheap yet tasty dishes.

Recommended restaurant:

Chunyuan Seafood Stall: Here is a lively place at night, more than 40 stalls carry on the seafood. Usually people visiting Sanya will come here to eat the native seafood. Here you can choose the material by yourself and only pay for the making process (RMB4/kg). There are two ways to eat the seafood, one is the hotpot (named Dabianlu by the native people), another one is fried dish. However, we think the hotpot will be better because it can embody the origal flavour of seafood.
Reference price:
Shiban fish: RMB100/kg, Shumei fish: RMB80/kg, Shirmp: RMB100/kg, Dingdang spiral: RMB10/kg Lemon spiral: RMB48/kg Lailiao shirmp: 18/kg.
Located at the north end of the Xihe west road, about 300meteres long away from the right side of Chengshileyuan. Take a taxi from the city center, RMB5 is enough.
Warning: There ia another seafood stall also named Chunyuan. Do not go to this stall, here are a lot of cheating.You should demonstrate to the taxi driver first to avoid the cheating.

Nanshan Hotpot City: Here is an other good place to eat seafood. The majoy feature dish here is Dabianlu too and you can try the real local dish of Hainan-- Dongshanyang.
Located at the middle part of Renminglu and Yaojinglu, take a taxi from the city center you need pay RMB5 for the taxi fee.

Waimao Road: There are seafood, Lanzhou noodles and many snack of China. Here you can feel the total diet difference between the south and north. Any local feature dishes can be found here. However, normally people come here will choose seafood yet.
Reference price:
Jitui spiral: RMB22/kg, Crab: 24/kg, Sea snail 5/kg.
Located at the Waimao road. You can take the No.2 or 4 bus to the Yuechuan bridge and go straight to the crossing then turn to west, about 200meters there is an enclosing wall at the right side. From here you can enter the Waimao seafood stall. Take a taxi, you should pay RMB5 for the taxi.

Mingji Food Stall: Mingji is famous of the seafood gruel and fried seafood. The hot recommended dish here is Lailiao shrimp, which is quick-fried with chili. And the lemon conch fried with ginger is tasty too. Moreover the seafood gruel is also delicious which is boiled with crab and rice.
Reference price:
Small lemon conch: RMB16-22/kg, Big lemon conch: RMB36-44/kg, Shumei Qingyi,Shiban: RMB70-90/kg, Jinwei shrimp: RMB60/kg, Haiguazi: RMB20/kg, Huaxie: RMB50/kg.
It is at the No.48 of Yaojing Road nearby north entrance of Hongqi Road. Take No.2 or 4 bus to the Binghai cinema, then go south to the crossing, at the left that is the restaurant. Take a taxi, RMB5 is enough.

Yipingguo: It is at west Sanya port near the seashore. The first floor is the market for you to choose the seafood and the second floor is the refectory. Sitting in the refectory, you can not only see the beautiful scenery of the setting sun and the seashore but also eat cheap and fresh local seafood. They supply you the equitable price, you don't need to worry about the cheating.
There are direct buses passing Yipingguo. You can take a bus from city center to Yipingguo (RMB1), and from Yalong bay (RMB5); take a taxi from the city center (RMB5).

Dadonghai Coconut Seafood City: It is a high- level seafood city for some people with high income. Usually they come here to eat the seafood by driving their own cars. In the seafood city there are some entertainment programs such as dancing. You can taste the delicious seafood and enjoy the local dancing as well. The price here is higher than that of other restaurants but the food is more hygienic than the others.
Take the No.2 or 4 bus at the opposite of the Dadonghai hotel and get down at the City hotel, then go across the road, you will see the seafood city. Take a taxi from the center (RMB5-7).

Hainan Feature Dishes Restaurant: If you want to eat more delicious food in Hainan we suggest you to try some local feature dishes. Here, the most famous dish is the Huangliu duck. When they boil the duck they put some specially-made ingredients into the soup which make the duck very tasty. Moreover the seasoning is also tasteful which mingles the ginger, soy, chili and some kumquat juice.
It is located at the Shengli road. Taking a taxi from the city center (RMB5).

Rice Cooked in Bamboo Joints -- Cuisines in SanyaDongbeiwang Restaurant: The major dishes here are northeast dishes. In Hainan there is large number of people coming from northeast, so the northeast food is very popular here. In Dongbeiwang you can eat the real northeast food and the price are not very expensive.
Located at the Yuya road nearby Dadonghai. Take a taxi from the city center (RMB5).

Rice Cooked in Bamboo Joints

Rice cooked in bamboo trunk is a Li folk specialty that many westerners enjoy. Rice, small meat chunks, pea, coconut kernel and seasoning are stuffed into a piece of bamboo trunk and baked on charcoal.


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