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Entertainment in Sanya

Entertainment in SanyaLargely a result of the climate here, most of the entertainment in the tropical zone takes place at night, and Sanya is no exception. As the sun sets,  bars and tea houses open their doors onto the beaches and bays, and there is a real feeling here that life begins after dusk.

With the development of tourism, many entertainment facilities have been created to cater to  travellers needs and demands. Water sports, including surfing, scuba diving, swimming and water-skiing are hugely popular with tourists here and Sanya is also the training base for the Chinese national surfing and diving team.  To join in the fun, visit one of the best places on Dadonghai beach or Wuzhizhou Island where you can embark on a submarine or swim amongst coral and tiny fish.

Most of the large hotels in Sanya are well furnished with huge nightclubs. Among these, the bar in the Fudao Hotel is the most impressive and most of the hotel bars in Yalong Bay attract a nice crowd.

Recommended entertainment:

Scuba diving: 
Sanya is the best place of diving all over the world. The water visibility is about 8-16 meters, even 25 meters at some places. Taking an oxygen cylinder, wearing the diving suit and glasses, after a short and professional diving training, you will become a happy 'fish' travelling under the sea and exploring the magic sea world.

Walking on the seafloor: 
No matter you are a man or woman, young or old, good at diving or not, when putting on a diving suit and having a simple gesture training, you can walk on the seafloor freely. It is same as walking on the land. You never feel losing you breath or blurry. When the water touch your body lightly, you will feel comfortable and happy, just like walking on the outer space.

Thermal spring
'The Shengzhou first thermal spring' is located on the Nantian farm of Sanya east gate. Here the average temperature of water is approximately 57.6 °C. In the thermal spring, there are many kinds of mineral which can accelerate your metabolism, lessen the fatigue and are good for the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism.


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