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Attraction & Sightseeing In Urumqi

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Brief Introduction

The real highlights in Urumqi are the wonderful scenery in the nearby countryside, and the people-a rich and colorful array of nationalities inhabit this area allowing for a fascinating insight into as very different way of life than exists elsewhere in China.

The city itself is a pretty gray place, with huge ugly modern buildings dominating the skyline. The best area to explore is the Erdaoqiao district in the Uigur part of town. This is a great, lively district with a unique atmosphere. Restaurants and street traders spill their goods out onto the street and the market here is a great spot to pick up some Xinjiang souvenirs. The Minority Peoples' Museum is a fascinating place and even people not normally interested in traipsing round museums should be impressed.

The most spectacular sight of all in these parts, is Heaven's Lake. This is one of the most peaceful and pretty tourist spots in all of China. Snow-capped mountains, slopes covered with pine trees and a huge crystal clear lake make this spot special. Added to this, the friendly Kazakh families who set up camp here in the summer, and it is no surprise that the lake has been the source of inspiration for numerous writers and artists over the years. The Nanshan Grasslands are another slightly more remote spot, with some invigorating hiking and horse riding around the area. Swan Lake Nature reserve also has nice scenery and some rare wildlife.

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