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Attraction & Sightseeing In Wuhan

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Brief Introduction

Attraction & Sightseeing In WuhanWuhan is essentially an industrial and commercial city,  home to numerous Chinese and Foreign companies. However, the city, in the past, has played an important political and cultural role in China's development, most notably as the birthplace of Chu Culture, one of the major schools of thought in the Yangtze Valley. In this regard, there are a few sights dotted around this huge metropolis worth some consideration.

Wuhan is actually three towns or districts, spread across an immense area. Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang are the three ancient settlements here, now districts separated (and simultaneously connected) by the huge bridges linking the two sides of the riverside.

Hankou is now the largest of the districts and the business center of the city. Surprisingly enough, there are some pleasant little streets and backwaters to be discovered around here and the area around Zhanghan Lu (good for shopping) was apparently the spot where Blade runner was filmed. This is certainly the richest area of the city too, exemplified in the expensive suits the "business men" in this area can be seen modeling!

Hanyang is over the river from Hankou, and the smallest district in the city. This is home to the Qingchuan Pavilion which affords great views down the river. Guiyuan Temple is also near here, a busy and active Buddhist Monastery, worth having a look around if you have some time to spare in Wuhan.

Wuchang is perhaps the least interesting of Wuhan's three districts, still a fairly provincial area with few shops or interesting sights. The huge University is here however, and considered to be one of the best in China. There are some interesting areas around here, and a few lively bars and cafes dotted about. Wuchang is also home to the biggest open space in Wuhan- the East Lake Park.

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