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Shopping in Xiamen

Shopping in XiamenAs one of the first Chinese cities to open its doors to the outside world, Xiamen has a selection of relatively modern fashions. The kids here are pretty up-to-date and there are a plethora of huge and modern malls fighting for customers in the center of the city. 

Many of the bigger stores around Zhongshan Rd feature designer goods by Armani, Gucci and YSL. Xiamen is also home to a huge number of factories. Many of these places have factory outlets, selling their designer clothing and reduced prices.

Perhaps most attractive about this place are the numerous small markets, bazaars and even flea markets, where shoppers can try their luck at finding rare curios and souvenirs. There are a few of these markets around Zhongshan Rd, Longtou Rd on Gulangyu Island and Xiahe Rd. The Xiamen Night Market takes place every evening on Dinghai Rd.

Shopping in Xiamen -- Peanut Crunchy CandyPeanut Crunchy Candy

Had you lived in the Qing dynasty, you would have to have been nobility or an imperial member to sample this peanut crunchy candy. 

To make this specialty, peanuts  are first deshelled and roasted for half an hour. Then they are crunched with preheated, liquefied sugar. After cooling off, the large bars are cut into small pieces and are ready to eat on a street corner near you.

Shopping in Xiamen -- Xiamen Bead EmbroideryXiamen Bead Embroidery

Xiamen bead embroidery is a folk handicraft which has been famous for its eye-catching glimmer for over 100 years. 

By the dexterous hands of the local people, small beads are linked together with silk thread, forming all kinds of spectacular patterns. 

Nowadays the bead embroidery is used to make slippers, tapestry and purses.


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