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Attraction & Sightseeing In Xiamen

Brief Introduction  --  Sightseeing Index

Brief Introduction

Xiamen is a picturesque coastal city in southeast China, earning itself the nickname 'Pearl on the East China Sea'. The mild temperature, together with the convenient transportation, makes it a magnet for tourists inside and outside China.

There are a great variety of sights and sounds to witness in Xiamen, and this makes it probably the most exciting of the towns and cities in the whole of Fujian. The greatness of the city is that there are things to see wherever you turn, from the unusually tidy streets to the profusion of architectural styles and 'small harbour town' feel that the place exudes. The mainland and its neighbour, Gulangyu Island, are packed full of these places and should have something to suit most tastes.

The mainland is perhaps not as exciting as its sea encircled neighbour, but it does make a good go of it. In Wanshiyan, you may be struck by the beauty of the Tiger Stream Rock and the White Deer Cave. If you are fascinated by Buddhism, Nanputuo Temple is definitely a place not to miss, for it is arguably one of the most important temples around this region, both in terms of its grandiose architectural style and its large collection of Buddhist volumes. The Hulishan Canon Platform and the Overseas Chinese Museum are the eye-witnesses of the past of Xiamen and its people. Beyond this, a walk of the streets or a visit to the Xiamen University, near to the Nanputuo Temple, are nice way to prolong your stay. The best district to stay and wander on the mainland would have to be the waterfront area, at the western end of Zhongshan Rd. This is also the best place to be situated hotel wise.

Gulangyu Island, the most beautiful island near Xiamen, has won great renown for its Sunlight Rock and Shuzhuang Garden. It is a great place to explore and, since it has an area of only two square kilometers, is easy to get around. For those less mobile types, although there are no taxis or buses on the island, a squadron of golf carts zip about, ferrying you to wherever you wish to go.

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