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Zhuhai Destination Guide


Cuisines in Zhuhai

Zhuhai local cuisine is Cantonese with a special emphasis on various kinds of sea food, such as oyster, crab, lobster and sleeve-fish. 

There are three famous food streets in Zhuhai: The Tangren Food Street is the oldest and most renowned for its uniqueness in environment and variety in food. 

The other two are the Chaozhou Attic and the Yingdu Food Market.

Western food is also popular in Zhuhai. Dishes cooked by decent Portuguese cooks are now coming into the fashion.

A simple restaurant opposite the Lianhua Dasha on Lianhua Rd serves excellent Hakka chicken.

The Huang Tao restaurant, upstairs at the Friendship Plaza, has a reputation for serving Zhuhai's best dim sum in the mornings.



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